Posted by: fireweaver | February 8, 2009

economic stimulus, i haz made some.

i’m blaming my dad for this one; otherwise, i’d have to blame the bbc.

one afternoon over the xmas break found me loafing in my dad’s living room, watching the ‘planet earth‘ show on discovery on his ginormous flat panel tv.  “that’s it,” i said, “i’ve been resisting this for years, and now i officially give up, i’ve got to get one of these.”

step1: sell old stuff.  as per usual (given success in selling shelves and acquiring bf), craigslist is the bomb-diggety.  mere days and a free ad were all that it took to net me a little cash for the prior tv & stand, and the couch & love seat.  oh, yes, not just the tv, guys, i went whole hog in here.  Chris hated the old stuff, i merely thought it adequate, and there was enough in savings to go a little crazy.

step2: select new stuff.  i’m quite sure i drove my ever-tenacious shopping partner quite batty on several different fronts.  once the sweet little college kiddo had showed up with a couple of her buddies to haul off my old couch, we had the final push to find the new couch.  in addition to the plethora of furniture stores we’d been to casually in the last couple of months (he really didn’t like my old couch), that saturday saw us inside at least 5 more stores, shopping for serious.  the last place i tried had the same couch-with-attached-chaise i liked in every other furniture store i saw it in.  the difference with this place was that i could pick whatever fabric i wanted from a wall of diverse selections, for no additional charge.  sold!  next, i had to pick the new tv stand (as the $50 particle board one from undergrad was leaving with the old tv).  after narrowing it down to only a dozen designs, i waffled on two, finally got it down to one, and had 2 sellers with the same catalogues of stuff on ebay compete on pricing.  the tv itself was actually the easy part – Chris had been doing months of research for his imminent tv purchase, so i just had him find one in my price range while he was at it.  amazon has very very competitive pricing on all their big tvs now, and most all of them have free white-glove delivery, so that was an easy pick there.

step3:  arrange stuff.  everything showed up in waves over the past couple of days – the tv stand & coffee table tuesday, the tv friday, the couch saturday.  it’s all done and settled in now, and i’m totally in love with all of it:

yes, it’s too big in my wee townhouse space (clearly, the showroom floor is bigger than my living room, and as per usual, my graph-paper’d estimate did not account for aesthetic balance).  since it’s so fabulously comfy loafing in there, though, no, i don’t care.



  1. It looks great, especially accented by Xyla!

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