Posted by: fireweaver | February 10, 2009

photohunt: bridges

this week’s photohunt theme is “bridge“.

once upon a time in my 4th year of vet school, i went off on my cross-country tour of america.  i drove from TX to southern cali to seattle to michigan and back to the start.  sometimes, i had the time to pull over for no apparent reason and stop to smell the proverbial roses (generally in the form of state parks, zoos, aquariums, etc), but other times, i was running late from too much prior rose-sniffing and had to hurry up to my next destination.  during this trip, i became quite fond of quick shots taken out through the windshield or the windows of the moving car:  if you’re on the highway with other cars behind you, you can’t stop, you just have to have the camera handy and hope for the best.  many of those pictures came out amazingly well; even more so considering i was doing this with a really old-skool 110 camera.  i told a friend that i was going to have to make a coffee table book of my drive across america quick shots, titled “moving pictures”.


never did work up to those grand ambitions, hell, i still need to go through some of those rolls of 6 year old film!  but i still love those moments when spur-of-the-moment snapshots out of the glass enclosure of your moving vehicle work out beautifully:

suspension bridge, tampa florida, autumn 2004


  1. That is such a cool shot! How remarkable that it was with a 110. (I have quite a few old shots to sort through myself.)

    I love the idea of your “moving pictures” book, too.

    • that one in particular wasn’t with the old 110 (wonder if i can find that thing lying around somewhere?!), it was with a very down-rent digital camera, and was taken several years after the cross country tour of america. i just still have a love for quickie out-the-car shots on the fly.

      oh, and your new icon pic is a very lovely shot of you!

  2. Love the shot! 🙂 Mine’s up as well.

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