Posted by: fireweaver | February 17, 2009

spam proves its name

just like the mystery meat, you never know what you’re getting in your blog spam.  man, i remember back in the day (and by back in the day, i mean, what up to 6 months ago?) where spam = porn.  just this morning, i was musing how all the spam in my email account were each attempts to sell me designer knock-off watches.  not a loose skirt in sight.  and this afternoon, in my blog spam queue, not only is every spammer now named “mary”, but also they have some crazy ideas on how to get you to click their little link (which may be selling porn or watches, i dunno):

cover leters written by professional writing services and by bless i mean smite. and by god i mean a high fluoroscopy biopsy on lung

there’s plenty more where that came from, but still.  k-razy!  smite on, you wacky lung biopsy!


  1. Huh. Funny. “…and by bless I mean spite.” Hmm.

    I haven’t been into my spam box for a while. Mine has also tended to be full of porn. Also cheap prescription meds.

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