Posted by: fireweaver | February 21, 2009

stealth snake

today, i was finally a witness to some sneaky behavior on the part of the dog that Chris has suggested occurs for some time now.  when it’s just her & me, she sleeps wedged firmly up against me, right on top of the comforter.  when it’s him & me, she sleeps in her crate for a few hours, then selects the choicest free spot once we’re both safely asleep.  but apparently, when it’s just him & her, well, let’s just hypothesize that she enjoys his sauna-like warmth as much as i do.

just as i was waking up this am, i got a phone call from a girlfriend i hadn’t spoken to in a while.  i headed downstairs to chat for an hour or so, and returned to find this:

no, Chris hasn’t devloped a tumor, in fact.  let’s just see what that mysterious growth is, shall we?

sigh.  the last part of my house that wasn’t coated in wee blonde hairs is surely seeded with fuzzy love at this point.  and they were otherwise clean sheets, too.  dumping her out of the bed was useless, however, as she’s now decided that doing this when i’m home is ok (next step will of course be when i’m actually in the bed, but she’s not going there just yet).  while i was brushing my teeth, i glanced back toward the bed to witness her paw up one corner of the covers, ever so daintily, and then slip underneath alongside Chris in a boneless wave far more reminiscent of a ferret or serpent than a long-legged dog.  but just when i thought i could get irritated at the hair-generator ‘twixt my clean bed linens, i get this face:

sigh, again.  yes, you are the cutest poochel in the world.  yes, you can stay.



  1. I mean, honestly, how can you say no to those eyes. Too cute. I’ve given up the dog hair on bed fight long ago. He’s only allowed up when Greg is out of town on business, though.

  2. We have a cat that has the same attraction to the bed sheets. Can’t find the cat? Look under the covers. You just can’t help but smile and chuckle when you see the bump in the middle of the bed.

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