Posted by: fireweaver | March 2, 2009

springtime? not so much.

oh, goody.  welcome to march:

10″ and still going.  whee.  i’ll be heading in to work when the worst of it blows on by.

ETA: after snapping some pics and deciding to hold off on going in to work until i could actually see across my street, i went back to bed for an hour.  Chris is well-trained in parroting “love you too” in his sleep when prompted, but very occasionally, we have actual hilarous sleep-talking conversations.  today, i informed him that it was too snowy to head out.

“get dog,” he mumbles.  wha?

“dog take you to work.”  o rly?

“yeah.  sled.”  baby, do you have a sled stashed in your car somewhere?

“no,” he grumbles, like i’m a moron for not figuring it out, “cardboard.”

so, i should cut up the tv box to use as a sled so the dog can haul me in to work today?

“yeah, that’ll work.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”


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