Posted by: fireweaver | March 17, 2009

party planning, dog bling, dogs

good lord, we must all be busy people!  plenty of my friends’ blogs have gone sparsely updated of late – mine most definitely included.  or perhaps we’re just all waiting for the lingering winter blahs to finally burn off?

well, i’m working on perking up over here.  the mass email went out last friday for the upcoming annual spring bbq (saturday the 21st, should you be in the greater dc area).  i’m hoping for a good turnout this year, since so many of my current work crew actually live in the area, as opposed to the last gig where everyone lived at least 45 minutes away.  now i just gotta plan out the actual menu and speculate as to whether or not the head suit will show…

meanwhile, we’re undergoing a moderate flurry of poochel-related purchases here lately.  the cute slim flower-studded leather tag collar i’d been using for Xyla was a bit snug on the last hole, imho.  inspired by some random forum posting that “hounds of course look best nearly naked,” i came across leashes by lyndale, a place that specializes in braided kangaroo leather show leads.  she also makes tag collars in whatever color you like, and will add fancy beads or personalization.  the custom collar (XYLA is in silver cube beads knotted into the back)  showed up in less than 3 days and was all kinds of reasonably priced, and yes, nearly naked hounds are ever so sleek looking:

ever so suave

while i was at it, i decided she needed a couple of new walking collars as well (i would feel more crazy, except my greyhound-afficionado buddies have an entire box full of fancy collars.  also, i have resisted the urge thusfar to splurge on hundred-something dollar lizard skin ones).  i went with a regal royal blue, and a super fun koi fish tapestry.  though i got her to make up the fish on green instead of black (so pretty, very flashy!), this order also showed up at my house lightning fast.  i am so spoiled by the magic of the internets.

and finally, Chris and i have really decided that with all the extra new room Xyla alone just does not take up the whole couch.  she does take up an equivalent share of the bed quite firmly for one so dainty, so i’m not sure how we’ll work that one out.  knowing full well that we’ll never get to sprawl out in my bed ever again, i’ve contacted whippet rescue to let them know that we’re on the lookout for Xy’s new big brother.



  1. Awesome dog bling…

    I promise that Mona will take up the entire couch and then leave annoying little white hairs everywhere. I’ll give her a bath before I come 🙂
    Actually, she’ll take up a whole bed and *tends* to either sleep really daintily in the corner *or* take up the whole couch… it’s weird.

    And no mention of the awesomest guest who’s driving *all the way* to B’more? Oh the sad.

    With all of the shit going on in my life (and lack of blogging about how much works sucks, cuz it doesn’t any more), I’ve just neglected my blog and become a Facebook addict… I’m tellin ya – you should TOTALLY come join and be a sheeple with me!

    PS: I promise not to embarrass you if any higher ups from ye olde new company show… or at least I’ll try not to 😉

  2. Yay for new puppies ! I love that royal blue collar, so pretty!

    My blog has been seriously neglected since I started on Facebook. Everyone that was reading my blog is already there, so it’s easier to update everyone that way. (I was never the wolds best writer anyway – hence the science major)

  3. Such pretty bling! Kayleigh would be so jealous if she could see it. LOL!

    I, too, am stuck on Facebook. (At least it’s not myspace!) It’s strange the people that pop out of the woodwork. In a good way.

  4. alright, alright, all you guys win. i’m duly facebook’d.

    but i’m still telling longer-format stories here, damnit.

  5. […] the insides of all the dog beds (the children share a love of zipper removal), and the lovely new kangaroo-leather nametag collars were devoured quick as any rawhide stick.  i made them nametag collars out of hardware store […]

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