Posted by: fireweaver | March 26, 2009

once again, thanks for the skillz, mom

i’m working on acquiring a brother for Xyla – that situation updated in a couple of days.  in the meantime, i’ve got to get ready for him, and the current single medium-sized kennel just wasn’t going to work for two of them –  especially since i’ve been informed that this fraternal candidate is a moster-whippet at nearly 40lb.  fortunately, ebay is the font of all things at reasonable prices, so after measuring for fit i ordered a 2-bedroom condo.  of course, measuring and being aren’t the same thing, and though it was exactly as expected, i duly ended up with a huge-ass ugly jail in my bedroom:

classy, huh?  well, as per usual, i have my mom’s mad sewing skillz to thank for pulling me through the latest project attempt.  now the new crate is all cute and homey, covered in sage green lightweight cotton tweed:

thanks mom!  next project: naming the new guy!

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