Posted by: fireweaver | April 20, 2009

my month of adventures: week 1 – dining on the titanic!

2 years ago, iron bridge did this thing for the 95th anniversary of the titanic sinking, wherein they served the same dinner that was served in first class that night.  we didn’t make it then, and they skipped last year, so i was way excited when they announced a repeat for this year.  timing and finances being what they are, it ended up being a party of 2 last night, but since it was Suzy’s birthday and she needed a good weekend out of town anyway, that was all fine with us.

the epic menu

9 total rounds with the marvelous chefs there, and just as many delightful things from the wine cellars.  we ate for about 4 hours.

overall, this was unfortunately not the best meal we’ve had at iron bridge – with the menu adhering to the tastes of a hundred years ago, some things seemed overly plain to our modern fusion-cuisine trained palates.  the wine was uniformly marvelous, though, and some courses did stand out as shining gems.  I adored the appetizer oysters – doubly so, since Suz is a bit allergic to them so gave me her second one after tasting the first.  Her fave course was the barley soup, more of a thick hearty porridge really (i agreed about the warm bread-y nutty taste, but not so much on the texture), and was equally enamoured of the amontillado that was served with it.  my kryptonite for the evening was the “punch romaine” in the middle, which turned out to be a sorbet made of champagne.  let me say that again, so it has time to sink in:  sorbet made of champagne.  sheer heaven, and i would LOVE to sit around all summer eating this stuff by the bucketful.  we got the recipes for both, so enjoy (click pics for full-size version so it’s easier to read the wee words):

barley soup recipe

punch romaine recipe

as you can tell from the header on the soup recipe, these were taken from a book called “last dinner on the titanic” – favorably reviewed on amazon, should you wish to carry off the event at home later.



  1. […] last week, Suz and i stopped in to visit Di & co at her house before heading over to iron bridge.  they all had other plans and couldn’t go with us, but we all wanted to get together for a pre-cocktail while everyone was in town.  somewhere in the end of the conversation, Diana remembered a trip that she was about to have to cancel.  “can you get out of work next weekend?” she asked excitedly.  “i was supposed to go to the tribeca film fest with someone else next weekend, but they’ve canceled, and i still really want to go.  you in?” […]

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