Posted by: fireweaver | September 13, 2009

you think you would have noticed at some point…

here’s a random PSA for jeffery jackson.

i don’t know you in the flesh, but i can guarantee i know you more than you want me to.  now, none of the neighbors, even the ones that have been here for a while, remember you, so it’s not like you were here just a while ago and forgot to change over some stuff.  besides, **i’ve** been here for 3 years now  (woohoo mortgage!!!), and i know the last guy was here for ~2 years before me, so it’s really really been a while.

you see, i’ve been getting some of your mail.  and i’m not talking about random junk mail that some lazy commercial enterprise addresses to “jeffery jackson or current resident”.  that stuff is, after all, technically addressed to me too (i’m that “current resident” person and all.  have been.  3 years now, buddy).  no, i’m talking about the mail that you probably want.  i had to black out my (as in, mine NOT yours) address 4 separate times and write “return to sender, wrong address” ON YOUR FREEKIN’ CREDIT CARD STATEMENT.  fyi, someone only 3% more jerk than me would have already bought their new big screen tv with that information.  i s’pose you’re pretty darn lucky that i’m quite happy with the tv i have.  i’m also sitting here right now looking at a library notice for a book you reserved and a bill from your doctor’s office.  the former is a first-timer in this parade of it’s-not-me, the latter is very scarily not.

so, sir, if you engage in any googling of yourself, please call anyone who ever sends you mail and update your address.  you don’t live here, and this wierds me out.  i don’t want your medical info nor your credit card.

thanks, that’s all.




  1. Sadly, I can top that. We’re still getting mail for someone that must have left at least 6 years ago. And then we got his court summons. Followed by three more… All for unpaid tickets. Likely the ones we’ve sent back over the years stating “return to sender, not at this address”… And the credit union statements for the people from years 4-6 ago…

  2. Looks like you are a true pro. Did you study about the issue? haha

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