Posted by: fireweaver | November 4, 2009

electronic ink

over on goodreads (effectively, facebook for book nerds) i chip in with several different reading groups – it’s nice to have the same around-the-watercooler discussion about books as last week’s football game/etc.  there’s a poll as to what we feel like reading communally the next month attached to some groups; others have a simple rotating “it’s your turn to pick next” scheme.  either way, i’m catching some stuff i might not have otherwise chosen, and that includes stuff that the county library system didn’t choose either.  one of the group picks this month was somewhat hard to find in print, but was readily available as  a free pdf file online, so i’ve been cuddled up with baby computer in my fave reading chair this evening, dipping into the world of e-books.

which, in a research frenzy reminiscent of last year’s cell phone craziness, i’ve been oddly giddy about for a while now.  i mean, i LOVE my books and my huge book collection, why would i be into the idea of an e-reader?  an otherwise useless gadget, like a handicapped computer, good for only one thing?  yet, there it is, i’m ready to be downloading books at the push of a button and sneaking them into work every day.

a friend has an amazon kindle and swears it’s the greatest thing since the proverbial sliced bread.  all reviews of other devices compare them to the kindle (in the same way that all other music players are compared to the ipod) – clearly, this is the definitive object of its type out there right now.  the part that’s most intriguing is book +  wikipedia capability.  yes, i know the web browser on this thing is pretty crude, but i end up routinely searching for subjects related to my novels after i’m finished, and the idea of being able to flick through reference materials mid-story while lounging on the couch is just delicious.  i’ve been kicking around the idea of the larger DX version most prominently on this shopping quest, because i’m convinced that bigger = better.

to muddy the waters, b&n announced their book reader last week.  the flashy color touch screen at the bottom is pretty (not sure i care about that, though), and the nook can handle a wider variety of formats.  not being locked into the one proprietary sort is nice, plus that opens up the possibility of e-books from the library (check your local library’s website, mine has plenty).  still, i HATE b&n, and there’s no web capabilities on this one, so no wiki-surfing midstream.

the dark horse that may or may not be awesome (awesomeness is up in the air due to the thing not even being formally introduced until early next year) is from the previously unheard-of plastic logic.  theirs is being touted as a “business device” though, so even though its bells & whistles look really cutting edge, it’ll likely be way pricey.

sony has a new one too, as does irex.  dunno who spring design or entourage are, but theirs both look promising, too.

i swear, holiday shopping for other people is way simpler than shopping for me sometimes.


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