Posted by: fireweaver | November 7, 2009

omg the library!! now with e-awesome!

a big part of my current e-reader debate is the ability to borrow books from the library.  i really really need to cull out the books i’m never going to re-read + the ton of new books always vying for my attention = i’ve been checking out a lot more books from the library than i buy anywhere.  one of the sad things about the kindle is that it’s locked up tight with its own proprietary book format, so you can’t borrow e-books from the library.

as a good little tech researcher, i need to see if that’s even an issue before i chalk it up as a black mark.  and oh, dear, it’s quite possibly a very black mark indeed.

i’m already in love with the county library system, and my tax dollars are working well in there.  i have to think of it as “county” rather than merely the local branch:  when you search the catalog, it doesn’t matter what building the book is housed in now, they’ll send it off to your preferred pick-up branch for free within a day or 3.  i’m very spoiled.  the maryland e-book system doesn’t disappoint.  in my hour or so of surfing along (wading through all the mountains of audiobooks i’m not interested in), i’ve come across classics, chicklit, scifi, new stuff that’s awesome but too damn heavy to physically cart around (‘Anathem’), Neil Gaiman’s newest, several things on my TBR list, and a bit of local baltimore color as a crime novel.  there’s already 42 items on my “wishlist”, and i’m not done.

new toys better show up soon…


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