Posted by: fireweaver | November 15, 2009

venerable institutions gone XTREME!!!!

remember when national geographic was considered odd only by pre-teen boys excited abut the magazine’s unabashedly showing native womens’ boobies?  apparently the pressures of modern marketing and mtv attention spans have gotten even to this bastion of mapmaking scholarship.

whilst in the bar last night playing trivia, we saw a commercial for tonight’s program about searching for the lost amazon tribe that was infamous for shrinking heads.  the trailer (which i unfortunately can’t find) was the worst kind of over-the-top salacious OMG yellow journalism…Chris heard a radio ad for it today, and was gung-ho about watching it.  about 1/3 through, he says, “this is like the geraldo rivera meets the history channel.”

we’d thought that was about as crazy as it got, until the commercial came on for tomorrow night’s insanity.  witness the crazy bastards hook a great white shark, wrangle it on board a raft, drill some tracking devices into its dorsal fin, and avoid the huge snapping jaws.  ditto that i can’t find the IN YO FAAAACE commercial, but the clip gives you the idea.

journalistic integrity take THAT!


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