Posted by: fireweaver | November 16, 2009

simple birthday gifts

i called Chris on my way home today to see what he’d been up to on his day off with the kids.  he told me all about the lovely nap they had in a dogpile on the couch, which caused them to not get around to the park.


with the winter hours making daylight nonexistent by the time i get home, it’s more important for Chris to co-parent on the days where he doesn’t to to work early in the day (which is most of them).  the kitchen rugs and chairs take a heavy toll  if the dogs don’t get to run around pretty seriously, so the help is most emphatically requested.  “oh, well, i’ll get them ready now,” he says, “and we’ll go to the park as soon as you get here.”  it was of course full dark by the time we got there, but you could see one big-ish golden mix running around solo, so we decided to give it a go anyway.  the three of them had a nice time sprinting around – Xyla gets nervous and tends to ‘check in with mom’ way more often when there’s a bigger group around – but sighthounds only chase what they see, so that was going to wind down pretty quickly.  one other guy showed up with a big fluffy shepherd mix just as i was bemoaning the sighthound chase phenomenon with, “oh, if only we’d brought the laser pointer.”

“does your dog like those?” he asked.  “mine will chase them sometimes,” he added as he took one out of his pocket right there.  a brief flicker of red on the ground, and Xyla leapt in one of her killing pounces to snuff out the light’s light.  “oh!  i see she does like them!”  he proceeded to wave the pointer up and down the full length of the park while Xyla (and Saxon in the rear) put on wonderfully impressive bursts of speed.  the dogs are usually just jogging along when people at the park remark on how fast they are, but this actually got them nearly up to the same delirious velocities as lure coursing.

and since that’s her fave thing to do, i think she had a pretty happy birthday.


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