Posted by: fireweaver | November 17, 2009

tasty tuesday: spain + pink = yum

though the warm weather is past, along with the associated time to sip cool beverages while the grill is flaming, i’m still enjoying the occasional bottle of pink wine.  though france and spain have areas that have traditionally made lovely dry pink wines, rosès are probably the last thing in wine to “make it big” in the US.  after the most profitable wine accident ever has tinted our perception of pink bottles for so long, it’s often hard to convince even fellow winos to partake in something that looks similar but is far from crap.

this past week, i had a bottle of Nostrada’s rosè, from the Tarragona region of Spain.






though the pic doesn’t make it clear, this one is a deep ruby rather than pale blush.  made from grenache, it’s dry (but not mouth-puckeringly so) and just a little spicy.  very food friendly, which in non-wino language means that it’s not so strong as to overwhelm the food.  it’d be great with a traditional thanksgiving spread of turkey or ham, and at less than $10/bottle, it doesn’t hurt to pick up a few to try out.


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