Posted by: fireweaver | March 1, 2010

well, hello there strange(r)

even though i crashed and burned for the most recent NaBloPoMo, i’m going to try to give it a swing and get back into this mess with this month’s theme, strange(r).  there’s enough strange things in the big wide world, and my little life, that i’m hoping i can come up with something on a rather regular basis.

first up we have my job, or perhaps the root cause of me having been a blogging stranger for so long.  once upon a time, i really really loved my job.  life at JHU was awesome, and is now missed with such rosy-tinted reminiscing that it’s like a john hughes high school movie.  after fledging and leaving the nest there, my first job out started out wonderful (i have plenty of great stories from both, even given board-prep hell and the occasional day slogging through necropsy).  over time, though, that job ended up changing very dramatically from what it started out as – key personnel shifts, among other issues, hugely altered the corporate culture there until it was time to leave there.  during my job search a couple of years ago, i went on the strangest interview of my life, and i’ve always been convinced this blog had something to do with that whole head-scratching event.  though i’ve always been very careful to not name names (good or bad) when telling tales of noteworthy things coworkers have done, i’ve never revealed trade secrets or otherwise confidential information, and i feel i’ve often used this as a soapbox to counter animal rights rhetoric, it apparently came off as a liability to these guys.  the statement that my background check had revealed this blog’s existence was dropped unnervingly into the interview conversation as though it was a bomb – though i’m obviously not hiding anything here, i’m not signing things with my real name – and it’s nothing i felt i was supposed to be chagrined over, anyway.  they clearly felt differently, and it was implied that not only would any employment with them expect work-based blogging to cease, but blogging altogether.

i spazzed and deleted a few posts, the sort that had mentioned even the names of former employers.  and after that, posts about work pretty much dried up altogether.  my new employer (not the odd interview, of course) was a contract research company, with lots of concern about revealing client information, so i just never got back into the habit of telling tales about work.  notice the stories about the whole trip to china, which was in fact a business trip, never mention what i was actually doing there every day.  getting more dissatisfied (it may be a tad too melodramatic to say “depressed”) over my last job as time went by, plus the easy one-liners of facebook, means this has trickled to a stop.

i started a new job with NIH one month ago.  they’re working my ass off, and i love it.  cross your fingers for stability and continued contentment here, and hopefully, i can get all this life back on track.


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