Posted by: fireweaver | March 3, 2010

when you’re strange

i’m in the midst of new-job blues.  i wonder if this is a universal phenomenon, or if i’m just so crazy social that the lack of daily buddies is really this distressing.  maybe it’s that i’ve changed jobs more often than most people i know in the past couple 0f years, and i’m sick (though well practiced, i guess) of starting over.

the first couple of months are just tough for me, and the same has been true of every job since i’ve been out of school.  though there are people i still miss like crazy in each of these recent gigs, the settling in period is always way longer than is comfortable.  i don’t have any solid  friends, just plenty of people i’m friendly with; to be fair, though, this group is by far the most outgoing and casually welcoming i’ve ever met.  no “allies” as of yet, and i’m still trying to figure out the politics, both petty and important.  to top it off, until i completely have the hang of the place, i feel pretty close to useless, and maybe that’s the worst.  i often wonder if i could ignore the gradual social thaw if only i was a needed and integral part of the goings-on.

on the bright side, they’re working my ass off, so some of that latter is obviated.  my goal is to learn one person’s name a day, and that’s working pretty well to take care of the rest of it.  hopefully, it will even out sooner than the last time(s)…and in any case, we have a party on the 20th to look forward to.


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