Posted by: fireweaver | March 7, 2010

one-offs from that strange land of l.a.

being a movie and costume junkie, i totally love the oscars.  i’ve missed a lot more of the noms than usual this year (especially odd given that my bf runs a theater after all), but i’m still all over the spectacle.

hmmm, going with a “roast” rather than a monologue?  i missed the first couple of minutes, so i dunno why they’re giving clooney the stink-eye.

oh, miley.  go ahead and declare your adulthood.  the liebowitz spread was beautiful, not tawdry.  the gold bustier dress you’re wearing now, just the opposite.

wow, that wikus dude from ‘district 9’ is substantially hotter sans being half alien and smarmy.

ben stiller’s ‘avatar’ bit was way more hilarious than the opener here.

monique just won for best supporting actress.  chris thinks ‘precious’ is going to clean up all around, and win best picture.  i think ‘avatar’ will take it away.  i’d give my left wingnut for the darkest of horses, ‘district 9’ to win.

wow, costume winner chick, way to rub in that you already got a pair of these.  no bonus points for humility; chris sez, “what a bitch.”

chris & i both: wtf is charlize theron wearing?

how come there are NO CHICKS AT ALL in the sci/tech winners bunch?? women nerds unite and take this stuff over next year!

lolz, james cameron looks way irritated at the argentinian guy for saying, “thank god na’vi isn’t considered a foreign language.”

all the best actor noms look like they’re gonna cry with all the sunshine being blown around.

and that’s it.  chris and i are now of course debating what was actually our fave movie of the past year…but major schadenfreude makes me all kinds of gleeful the king of the world isn’t taking it.


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