Posted by: fireweaver | March 9, 2010

tasty tuesday: strange things that DO go in lasagna

a coworker was having a frozen microwave lunch of lasagna yesterday that smelled like heaven for all its lowly origins.  after lunchtime, i promptly called Chris and told him we had the dinner plans for the evening all worked out:  “you’re going to make me some lasagna, please,” and being a good guy, he did.

i’d told him i wanted spinach and lots of mushrooms + any other veggies he felt like putting in there.  he apparently interpreted “lots” as both quantity and type, rather than just the former.  thai and oyster mushrooms ended up in there as well as regular baby bellas – the eastern ones gave it all a very distinctly rich and earthy flavor that was wholly unexpected but totally yum.  being a carnivore, he says his typical lasagna involves ham + ground beef + sausage, but i managed to rein him in to just the beef (feel free to experiment with the concept sans meat).

***recipe to follow soon.


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