who’s writing this?

a southern ex-pat, i left the hot non-hills of texas a few years ago to be transplanted in maryland, and so far things have worked out well.  for this particular chapter of the story, i’m a laboratory animal veterinarian being amused at life in the dc ‘burbs, though of course one never knows where the future may find you.  i mock scientific igorance, weep at political excess & neglect, and delight in the simple pleasures of life (e.g., hoity-toity imported cheese, renaissance faires, movies, sarcasm).

i overuse parenthesis, asterisks, and elipses in text, and air-quotes in real life. the pets don’t mind.




  1. Hi. Hope you are not going as nuts over Board preps as your postings seem to indicate. I’m trying to concentrate on cramming in as much as possible now with the hope that it sticks AND that I don’t freak out on test (Father’s) day. I’m not happy about having ACLAM question nightmares and anticipatory anxiety. At least we don’t have to change time zones and screw up our biorhythms like some others. Drive safely and best of luck to you.

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