Posted by: fireweaver | March 5, 2007

temporary addictions

no posts in a while, because i’m on a massive bender.

2 fridays ago, i was doing afternoon rounds in one of our buildings and stopped to check in with one of the techs.  his office roommate was reading a werewolf book that amazon keeps trying to talk me in to, so i asked her if it was any good. “oh!” she says, “you’re into this stuff, too?”  yes, kids, as most of us know, sorta trashy vampire novels are my not-so-secret guilty pleasure.  a lengthy discussion ensued over the merits of jim butcher, kim harrison, tanya huff, charlaine harris, and laurell hamilton (before she utterly jumped the shark, of course), eventually driving the other tech utterly eye-rolling nuts.

well, last friday for rounds, i gave her the first two of harris’ and huff’s books, and she handed off something by christine feehan and a pair of sherrilyn kenyon.   now, i like my supernatural books just a little trashy…maybe a little naughty bits thrown in around, say, a mystery or a plot or something.  well, these, not so much.  not a damn thing redeemable about any of ’em.  don’t care.  sheri’s “dark-hunter” series is basically my grandmother’s old harlequin romances, complete with ridiculously wealthy, dark, broody, intelligent-but-surly misunderstood hero, and the nearly-virginal heart-of-gold heroine that loves him like he’s never been loved before.  only there’s some occasional fangs or psychic powers or some crap thrown in.  it’s all utter utter junk.  i’m sooo hung up in ’em.  as in, i bothered to go off and get a library card today, because said tech that is lending me books is out on vacation for a week, and i draw the line at actually purchasing trashy romance novels fangs or not.

so that’s where i’ve been all weekend.  yeah, i did go off to frederick’s first saturday gallery walk this weekend, and had a blast catching up with Sarah & Ann, shopping, doing girly things…  i am managing to leave the house tomorrow night for some pole dancing with the twins…  but do the math with me here, kids.  friday through today makes 4 days.  even with occasionally leaving the house, bothering to go to work all day today, locating more crack-books at the library, AND managing to get off the couch long enough for fun time on the gazelle, i’m tearing up a book per day.  haven’t had a bender like this since right after slogging through boards last summer.  if i come up for air sometime before this weekend, well, it’ll only be because the library had just 6 more of her books i hadn’t read (ok, 5 now).



  1. Oh my, what you need is Blood Ties Book One: The Turning by Jennifer Armintrout. Lovely tasty supernatural trashfest.

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