Posted by: fireweaver | November 27, 2008

goodnight, and sweet digestion

my quasi-traditional thanksgiving was, of course, wonderful, being as how any large dinner party with friends is always a good idea.  Chris brought 2 kinds of stuffing – one with andouille sausage and the other vegetarian with shiitake – and an amazing roast beef with breadcrumb crust.  Cary’s sister & co brought lovely californian wines.  Justin brought wii games.  Brian brought the sass.  in short, a good time was had by all, including Xyla, who had a marvelous time tumbling with Brian & Cary’s big ol’ lab Amos around their huge yard.  it was the first time i’d got to see her really use that amazing double-suspension gallop, and it took her all of 2 steps to leave Amos 9 miles in the dust.  until it was time to retrieve frisbee (his fave game ever), at which point she chased him rather than the disc, then raced back to where i was standing, leaving a spuming trail of fall leaves in her wake.  yet another reason for that permanent camera attachment i need.


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